Badges of a Modern Girl


Making life transfusions through poetry 



A unique rank, emblem, imprint, symbol, metal, or token worn as a sign of devotion, authority, emotion, achievement and nobility. 

Earned though blood sweat and tears. 

My Mission

We will continue to fail as a human race if we do not make life transfusions, engaging in discussions about mental health, drug addiction, domestic violence, suicide awareness, and so much more. MY MISSION  is to reach as many people as possible with my poetry and my story. There is a strength in uplifting people as they wander along with me on my voyage.

From the ashes she became

Before she became fire, she was water

Quenching the thirst of every dying creature. 

She gave and gave

until she turned from sea to desert


Instead of dying of the heart, the sadness, or the heartache. 

She took all the pain and from her own ashes 

She became FIRE 🔥 

~Nikita Gill

Published by...

Poetica Review, 


The Voice Project, Poetic Pill Blog, Call and Response Journal and Athena Review and many more.

I will always carry you with me

Gary&Justin Alexander