Badges of a Modern Girl



I’ve come too far for you not to respect,

My Scars.

Pages left unturned; happiness passed up

because lessons never learned. 

I go back to the same mistakes repeatedly, conceitedly 

thinking I will succeed.

You see, 

I come from a bloodline of





I will never give up on humanity no matter

what it throws at me I wear

My Scars

with pride, it reminds me of what I have





to see them is what keeps me 


Published by, Poetic Medicine/ Poetry Pill

Zen -

Is a journey towards enlightenment , a journey of the spirit. Living Zen is the understanding that youcan experience emotion , feeling, or adversity-

Without letting it consume you.


  take me to this place you say is breezeless

where the shadows stand still, 

and the brightness is only at 

the tips of our toes, and the darkness 

smells like rainbows. 

take me to this place you say the waves crinkle 

and never splash

where you become ageless 

never knowing how much time has passed.

take me to this place you say people fall in love

without saying a word. 

where the sunshine is vibrantly heard.

take me to this place you and I will only know, 

where mindfulness has no plateau.

take me

take me

forever there.

Published by ANTIherionchick Nov 2019


Grief Knot

A coil of pain,

A twirl of despair,

crossed and twisted

to bring immense pain.

After being worn for some time,

it starts to untangle,

revealing pieces of happiness,

loosened smiles,

drops of laughter, 

intertwined with moments of love.

Snatch those threads

and put them up for later,

when they transpire

the sorrow glistens a bit.

Those are the days we need to remember.