Badges of a Modern Girl


I created “Badges of a Modern Girl” in 2018

To show that no matter what life throws at us, we get back up, We unknowingly create “Badges” of honor, determination, and forgiveness any many more, and we wear them proud! This is my tribute to the ones that never give up!

I’ve been writing through trauma since I was nine year’s old. The poem below is one that I wrote soon after I was molested by a trusted neighbor. 

I always say I have lived and died a thousand times, because I’ve been through so many misfortunes.

Some from choices I’ve created, and some that I didn't, and I own them all. 

Major Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are my villains. They break me some days , so I don't bargain with them,

But I’ll be dammed if I don’t fight!

I fight it everyday! 

Writing poetry is a place for me to be heard, simple telling someone the story holds no justice for me. I have to write it down for all to see, for people like me that are misunderstood. I can’t go back and change this journey that has been given to  me, but I hope I make a diffence in some small way and for me that is telling my truth. 

One of the hardest lessons that I learned was the loss of both of my brothers in 2018. One overdosed on herion and five days later my youngest brother committed suicide. 

The grief that knocks on my door everyday is a reminder of how crucial it is to bring awareness to stigma of mental health and drug abuse. They are both a vicious disease.

I will continue to shine light 🔆 in all the darkest places.

I hope one day, someone will pay attention. 

“I find peace in storms now, it doesn't damage me anymore, it's loveless on purpose, unlike people. Storms carry away the absence  of my blistering cries.”


Unique Poetry Joural

Unique Poetry believes that most of of us carry and untold story, and we feel that we owe it to one another to listen.

We understand poetry can enlighten us and conjures self- realizations. We value the fearlessness, creativity and humility it take to share your work. 

Unique Poetry will continue to empower, stimulate, encourage, heal, nourish and support our fellow poets.